Citi Secured Depository - Issuing Safekeeping Receipts To Vouch For Assets In America

Published: 05th January 2010
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The banking and lending practices of countries can vary considerably from nation to nation. Some countries' institutions, when considering issuing a loan to a client, will demand a safekeeping receipt. A common practice in Europe, a safekeeping receipt is often demanded to prove ownership of a particular asset. This practice is not as common in the United States and, therefore, few institutions or companies offer this service. Citi Secured Depository fills the gap, providing US consumers with the safekeeping receipts required by their contacts in Europe.

Different than a normal deposit of monetary assets in a bank, an institution or business which agrees to safeguard a monetary asset remains separate from the asset. Such a business only keeps the asset and, as needed, issues safekeeping receipts; the monetary asset is not owned or in any way usable by the business.

Citi Secured Depository starts by conducting an evaluation of the assets for which a client requires safekeeping. They maintain a roster of experts in various fields of study so as to be able to accurately assess the value of a variety of assets, such as historical documents, trusts, stocks, paper money or coins which are no longer in circulation, and precious metals and gems, artwork and heirloom objects. Monetary assets are evaluated by knowledgeable Certified Public Accountants; gemstones are evaluated by appraisers with Gemological Institute of America designations. Should the expert evaluation staff at Citi Secured Depository not have the necessary skills to properly assess an object, the job of evaluation is contracted to experienced and trusted evaluators in the United States.

After the evaluation experts have analyzed and assessed an asset, Citi Secured Depository accepts the asset and arranges to safeguard it. Citi Secured Depository has contracts with many local banking institutions from whom they rent vault space. They place any assets in their safekeeping in the appropriate vault space at an institution local to the asset owner. Citi Secured Depository is then in a position to be able to provide, upon written request of the asset owner, a safekeeping receipt. The receipt can be verified by banking institutions or private parties as required. The fees for Citi Secured Depository services vary according to the value of the asset, the physical size of the asset and the terms of service.

Of utmost importance to Citi Secured Depository is the privacy and trust of their clientele. One might say that trust is Citi Secured Depository's most valuable asset. They take great pride in protecting the privacy of their clients. Any directives regarding the authentication, safekeeping, or verification of assets is performed only with written consent from the assets' owner.

Experts in asset evaluation, safeguarding and issuing safekeeping receipts in the United States, Citi Secured Depository is proud to assist and stand by their clients. Innovators in the industry in America, they have the skills and the infrastructure to accommodate their client needs.

For more information or to contact Citi Secured Depository, visit CitiSecuredDeposit.

In the over 28 years that Citi Secured Depository Trust has been in business, there has never been a single loss of a client's assets. For more information, visit

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