Tips To Pacify Your Partner After A Quarrel

Published: 09th February 2010
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It takes a lot to make a relationship thrive. A relationship to be really strong, has to go through a lot of tests. Not all the days of togetherness are rosy for both the partners in love. Jealousy, tension, quarrel, fights all are a part and parcel of it and has to be handled with patience. It does not matter how old the relationship is, fights and arguments can take place between partners at any point of time and over any issue. While some are resolved quite easily with one partner giving in, some relationships have to bear the brunt of it for a long time. This might be the case when none of the partner's are willing to give in and both of them are headstrong. An ego clash is not desirable in such a situation as it will only make things worse.

Fights in love can take place over a petty issue or can be the result of a serious discussion. But in all circumstances, it is better to resolve the quarrel as soon as possible. But before doing so, one must realize who is at fault. Once this is decided then it becomes easy to point out the one among the partners who is going to break the ice. However, the initiative should be taken by both to resolve the quarrel. Apologizing to your partner after a heated argument will definitely not make you small in his/her eyes. On the contrary it shows your strong character and undying love for your partner. So, just don't let it go, rather device plans to pacify him/her so that you can pull him/her back.

Here are some tips to help you pacify your angry partner after a quarrel:

• It is always better to own up your fault and apologize in person. So pay her a visit at his/her house and resolve the matter.

• If this is not feasible, then give her a call or send a message over the phone. Don't ignore or avoid each other for long.

• Arrange for a cake of her choice with 'Sorry' written with the frosting and get it home delivered along with a bunch of red roses or a cute teddy.

• Meet up and think why did the quarrel take place at all. This can be a very good way to judge your relationship.

• Give him/her a surprise by arranging for a romantic dinner.

• Dedicate him/her a song and apologize to him/her through any of the famous shows aired on various radio stations.

• While talking, do not bring up the issues that led to the quarrel. Start fresh to end in a good note.

• Apology should be made from both the sides. This maintains equality in the relationship.

• Always keep in mind that as individuals, you are different. So respect each other's individual space.

These are some quick tips to help you end your quarrel as soon as possible. Love fights can be a good experience in a relationship as it gets you closer. But too many and too frequent quarrels can be signals for a disturbed relationship. Hence, the cause should be found out as soon as possible to make your present moments of togetherness turn into a strong bonding in the future.

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